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Contact the Board

Thank you for your interest in the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board. Please note that The Board does not get involved in individual matters or disputes. Inquiries may be directed to the Board using the following contact information.

General Inquiries

Mailing Address: 800 North Capitol Street NW., Suite 565, Washington, DC 20002

Telephone: (202) 296-4649

Facsimile: (202) 816-3086


Freedom of Information Act Requests

FOIA requests may be directed to the Board at:


Fax: (202) 816-3088

Agency Designations

Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act:

FOIA Officer: General Attorney

Chief FOIA Officer: General Counsel

FOIA Public Liaison: General Attorney

FOIA Appeal Authority: General Counsel

Privacy Act Officer: General Attorney

Privacy Act Appeal Authority: General Counsel

Senior Agency Official for Privacy: Deputy General Counsel


Plain Writing Act Official: General Counsel

Designated Agency Ethics Official: General Counsel

Telework Managing Officer: General Counsel

Equal Employment Opportunity Director: Board Chairman

Senior Agency Official for Records Management: General Counsel