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February 5, 2016

PCLOB Releases Update on Government's Implementation of the PCLOB Recommendations on Section 215 and Section 702

PCLOB Releases Update on Government’s Implementation of the PCLOB Recommendations

February 5, 2016

Government Addresses All of PCLOB’s 22 Recommendations

WASHINGTON, DC–The bipartisan Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) has released a report that provides an update on the progress the government has made toward implementing agency recommendations. The “Recommendations Assessment Report” outlines the status of 22 recommendations PCLOB made as part of two separate reports. Since PCLOB issued these reports and recommendations, important measures have been taken to enhance the protection of Americans’ privacy and civil liberties and to strengthen the transparency of the government’s surveillance efforts, without jeopardizing our counterterrorism efforts.

All of the PCLOB’s 22 recommendations have been implemented in full or in part, or the relevant government agency has taken significant steps toward adoption and implementation.

Specifically, in 2014, PCLOB issued reports on the government’s Section 215 and Section 702 surveillance programs. Combined, these reports made 22 recommendations to ensure that these programs appropriately balance national security with privacy and civil liberties.

Implementation of PCLOB’s recommendations is the result of both action on the part of relevant government agencies and passage of the USA FREEDOM Act, which was enacted in June, 2015. The USA FREEDOM Act addressed most of the recommendations in PCLOB’s Section 215 report. In addition, the Administration has been working to implement all of the recommendations in the Board’s Section 702 report.

Of the 22 recommendations, 13 were implemented in full and nine are still in the process of being implemented or have been partially implemented. In its report, the Board wrote that it looks forward to continued consultation with the Administration and the Intelligence Community regarding their efforts.

The Board is comprised of:
David Medine, Chairman
Rachel L. Brand, Member
Elisebeth B. Collins, Member
James X. Dempsey, Member
Patricia M. Wald, Member.


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